Jessica Putonti For Lake Travis ISD, Place 3

A better tomorrow for our children!

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I have been giving back to the community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. Over the last eight years since I moved to Lakeway, while working as a full-time attorney and mother, I served as the Secretary and Legal Counsel for the Lakeway Police Foundation for four years and the Lakeway Board of Ethics for three years. I was nominated and served on the RM 620 Corridor Advisory Committee and the Justice Center Advisory Committee, where I analyzed data and worked with professionals to put bonds together for improvements to RM 620 and the new Lakeway Police Station. I have also spent countless hours volunteering at the school as a reader, in the library, at the front desk and assisting first graders master their reading skills on a weekly basis. Prior to moving to Lakeway, I volunteered as a Child Advocate, being a voice for children removed from their homes and advising courts as to the best interest of the children. I created a program for educating children in the foster care system on their rights and responsibilities as they age out of the system. I have been able to spend a lot of time with kids other than my own while volunteering with the school and as a four year LTYA Cheer coach and Current Board President. I have a passion and love for ALL of our kids. 


I am pleased with the direction and leadership of the district. In order to keep the high level of excellence, we must continue to evaluate and critically analyze all potential issues. 

My priorities are school security, managing growth and connectivity. All of these are interrelated. It is important that all of our kids feel connected; connected to the teachers, the community and most importantly, each other. They need to know that they are being heard, that they are important and they are loved and cared about. I believe that if we can improve connectivity, the mental health issues and school security issues that are tremendous concerns right now, will lessen.

What Sets Me Apart

As an attorney my job for the last 15 years has been to critically analyze data, situations and issues, identify and manage risks, create and interpret contracts, recognize the long term, big picture affects of decisions, handling employment and human resource issues from a legal aspect, and running a business with a budget. Since 2011, I have been working for Fortune 500 companies managing their risks and employment issues. 

I bring to the table a unique aspect of a mom AND an attorney. I have passion for the kids, but I am also able to critically think about what is best for them in every aspect that touches them.

I am not advocating for any one group, instead I am willing to analyze all data and listen to everyone and make a decision as to what is best for our kids on each issue that is brought to me.


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“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jessica since we moved to Lakeway in 2014. In that time, I have been amazed at the way that she effortlessly navigates practicing law while also being an amazing wife, mother, friend and still finds time to volunteer in our community. I think she will be a wonderful asset to our children and the LTISD community and I wholeheartedly support her campaign for school board!”
- Briana Fin

 “Jessica has been a constant presence in our community through so many different stages of volunteer work; from school events to police galas she’s always in touch with what is important in our community. I trust her implicitly to represent on the school board” 

- Christa Hoffarth


Jessica and I have worked closely for going on 4 years as LTYA coaches/volunteers.  I can personally attest for her impeccable organizational skills, excellent and respectful communication abilities, and true dedication.  If she has made a commitment to something or someone, she will follow through and produce a perfect product.  She is extraordinarily loyal and faithful.  She is a loving, patient, and extremely compassionate wife, mother, and friend. 

- Beth Ann Hawley


I am happy to share my enthusiastic support for Jessica Putonti for School Board. LTISD is so fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber and dedication. I have known Jessica for 5 years and I am confident that she will bring her vision and expertise to our schools. Jessica cares deeply about the quality of education for all students and I know that she wants every child in our community to have the same support and success that she desires for his daughter. She is an excellent listener who fully considers options before making important decisions. Jessica is well organized and a practical thinker who follows through on commitments. Jessica Putonti will be an excellent addition of the School Board. I urge you to vote for her in the upcoming election.

- Dawn Langerock


“I'm writing on behalf of Jessica Putonti, who I have known for 6 years, and who I had the pleasure of serving with on the Lakeway Police Foundation Board of Directors.  During the time we served together, I found her to be highly principled and pragmatic with a strong focus on results.  I was continually  impressed with Jessica's consistency, energy and her ability to work collaboratively even when the Board was, on occasion, strongly divided.

Personally, I've seen her to be a caring and attentive parent, providing support and encouragement for her daughter.

Couple the traits mentioned above with her legal expertise and I couldn't imagine a better fit, or stronger candidate for the LT School Board.”

- Steve Langerock


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